Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Quick-Service Restaurant Consumer Attitude, Awareness and Usage Research

Quick-Track helps customers identify their quick-service restaurant brand’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the local competition on 16 customer satisfaction measures. Thanks to trend data, clients have the ability to see if they’re increasing the lead or narrowing the gap on consumer attitudes. Quick-Track also informs clients how their brand and advertising awareness stacks up against the competition and if they’re improving on these measures or losing ground. Quick-Track shows customers who is patronizing their brand, if customers are coming more or less, if they’re stealing share from the competition.

Quick-Track is a syndicated research study that continuously monitors consumer brand and ad awareness, usage and attitudes toward all major quick-service restaurant chains. Quick-Track studies are fielded with 1,600 respondents per year per market in over 90 DMAs (including most of the Top 60 Nielsen designated market areas). Data is collected and reported at the DMA level for up to 34 chains. Three years’ trend data is provided with market reports. Quick-Track studies conducted in Spanish are available in selected markets.

Custom questions can be added to Quick-Track to address a customer’s needs. Rollup reports combining markets and/or periods also can be developed. Custom tabulations, supplementary samples and written analysis and live presentations are available, too.

Quick-Track subscribers have access to SandelmanEdge2, an interactive web portal where they are able to download their standard reports as well as slice and dice the data. SandelmanEdge2 provides subscribers a competitive edge in developing business strategies and plans.

Next wave
The next wave will be in the field April - June 2018. The deadline to order is March 1, 2018. Please call Clay Raymer today at (888) 897-7881, ext. 2 to order.
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