Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Foodservice Industry Newsletter

Tracks... is a free foodservice industry newsletter published quarterly by Sandelman. This newsletter covers a variety of consumer marketing articles based on attitude, awareness and usage data from Quick-Track and Casual-Track syndicated research programs.

The following articles and more can be found in our PDF version of Tracks... Just click on any of the issues below to view the articles.

  March 2017   April 2016
  • Young men, the quintessential heavy fast-food users, are visiting burger chains less often. See how purchase frequency has changed overtime for all of the QSR chain types.
  • Congratulations go to Chick-fil-A, the winner of Sandelman's coveted Overall Award of Excellence. Awards of Excellence are given to the top rated chain on 19 key attributes. See all of the winners here.
  • Contrary to the overall trend, parents with kids at home are increasing frequency at casual dining restaurants. Find out which chain types are up and which are down.
  • Sandelman president Bev Cain will be talking about disrupters in the chain restaurant category at the 2017 Marketing Executives Group (MEG) Conference.
  • Casual dining restaurant users are also frequent users of fast-casual chains. Find out how to differentiate your chain to make the most of your opportunity.
  • Brand trust is essential in building and maintaining customer loyalty in the restaurant industry. This article explores the components of brand trust and shows why some QSR chains struggle to gain the trust of their users.
  • Drive-thru continues to be the largest service mode in the QSR category. This deep dive explores the demographics of drive-thru users and when and why they favor the drive-thru option.
  • Six in 10 QSR users make a ready-to-eat (RTE) purchases from grocery stores. RTE usage among full service dining users is also substantial. Find out how and why consumers are using grocery, discount, and superstores for ready-to-eat foods.
  Fall 2015   Spring 2015
  • New fast-casual concepts are popping up all over the place, but what do you really know about them? Emerging Chain-Track provides information on how these chains are faring in their trade areas, including what consumers have to say about them.
  • Beverage usage is slipping at QSR. Consumers know what they like, and what they don’t. Find out how you can make the most of your beverage program.
  • Carry-out usage at casual dining restaurants is trending up. See what drives the choice to carry-out. Valuable information for QSR, fast-casual, and CDR chains.
  • Friendliness is more than a nice smile. Well trained employees who are ready to serve exemplify friendliness in action. Ask for this free report.
  • No two local markets are the same. Learn how widely a brand’s share change can vary by market.
  • In Q1 2015 Quick-Track, Sandelman gathered info about 15 additional attributes. Freshness of ingredients is majorly important, but so is ability to prepare food at my direction. Learn more.
  • Consumers are increasingly likely to visit chains that do not offer drive-thru service . . . and it’s reshaping the category.
  • Sandelman is pleased to introduce a Casual-Track regional subscription, offered in addition to its DMA studies and proprietary trade area studies.
  • A fourth of all QSR users visited a C-store in the past 3 months for freshly prepared food; a fifth in the past month, according to a special report.
  Winter 2015   Fall 2014
  • Chick-fil-A is the big winner in the 2014 Quick-Track Awards of Excellence. Find out who else took home Sandelman awards for customer satisfaction excellence.
  • Chains that augment traditional media with web-based viewing and audio enjoyment methods will have the best chance to reach younger users with promotional messages.
  • Learn which QSR chains consummers believe are "on trend" and which aren’t.
  • Usage and frequency are substantially higher among QSR users who became aware of chain advertising via new media than among users who were exposed via traditional vehicles. Learn more.
  • This will be the last print issue of Tracks. Please subscribe today.
  • Millennials are only half the story. Thanks to a population that’s increasingly older and a Baby Boom generation that’s remained active in QSR, 35 to 64 year olds now account for 56 percent of all QSR occasions. Learn more.
  • Sandelman can help you identify drivers to increase loyalty. Learn more.
  • To develop brand affinity for your chain, it’s time to persuade your guests that you serve "fresh, real ingredients." Quick-Track finds that perceived freshness is the No. 1 characteristic that makes a QSR "a place for someone like me." Find out more.
  • Fast-casuals are not just attracting Millennials. They’re attracting "matures," too. Sandelman’s Spotlight: 65+ report indicates that QSR users 65 years and older devoted 13 percent of their total QSR occasions to fast-casuals.
  • Our new report will help you capitalize on consumers’ urge to snack. Read more.
  Summer 2014   Spring 2014
  • A lot can be learned looking at lapsed user perceptions. For two chains profiled, accuracy and quality were big contributors to lapsed usage.
  • Independent operators and small local pizza chains ("other" pizza) attracted more than half of all QSR pizza visits. Find out how.
  • 65+ QSR users don't frequent QSRs like those 35-64, but matures aren't that different in some other ways. We preview our new report.
  • Good news for casual dining: In Jan-June 2014, 24 percent of casual dining restaurant users believe they're "visiting more often." We preview our new report.
  • Where are consumers spending their hard-earned money? Check out a preview of our new special report.
  • Our new Coffee and Tea Share-Track is ready to be unveiled. Details inside.
  • Across 65 selected U.S. media markets monitored by Quick-Track, on average, participation in the category grew 10 percent between 2009 and 2013. Learn which 10 markets grew the most and least.
  • More than a fourth of QSR users engage with at least one QSR on social media sites. Learn more with our new report How Do You Like Me Now.
  • Better food, craving and price can trump convenience at QSRs. Learn what else might compel users to go out of their way.
  • Casual dining restaurant users have higher expectations relative to restaurant facilities than in 2009, according to Sandelman’s new report Renovation Rewards. See what’s changed.
  • Want to know where your lapsed users have gone? We can help.
  • There’s a correlation between strong coffee markets and strong QSR snack markets. Sandelman identifies the Top 10 and Bottom 10 snack markets.
  Winter 2014
  • Get a sneak peek of our new report Reach Casual Diners in the Digital Age. Our cover story examines how the "source" for casual dining restaurant information has changed just in the past two years.
  • Sandelman in late 2013 celebrated its 25th year providing market-level consumer insights to the chain restaurant industry. We share 25 insights we’ve offered to clients and other industry leaders over the years.
  • The Awards of Excellence Top 10 QSR Chains and Top 10 Large QSR Chains are announced. Café Rio and Chick-fil-A rank No. 1, respectively. See which other chains make our "Best of" list.
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